Mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way we interact with digital media.

Today, we are spending more time with apps than on the internet. The interface of mobile apps is our main focus and center of attention. New technologies like touch sensors, gyroscope and accelerometer create new possibilities for our interaction with computerized devices and pose new challenges to the development of user interfaces.

These challenges are being embraced by us with great passion and joy. Together with our customers we design usability concepts that are unique and make even complex processes operating on a mobile device simply and intuitively feasible.

GE-MU Systems is the creator of Ramen SDK.

Virtual Reality

HTC Vive - Oculus Rift - Oculus GearVR - Google Cardboard

We are deeply in love with VR!

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Ramen SDK

It is finally done!

After month and month of hard work we are proud to present Ramen SDK!

Our new Framework enables our customers to create apps more cost efficient while delivering to multiple platforms at once. Since we are using our framework for every app we developed, Ramen SDK is feature rich, efficient and state of the art. We take pride in the fact that no other framework exists that comes with the same usability, flexibility and expandability features as Ramen SDK.

For more information please visit the Ramen SDK     info page.