Why GE-MU?
The "katagana" syllables GE ゲ and MU ム (together ゲーム) make up the word GAME in japanese.

Why Game?
In a word: gamification!

Our team consists of highly creative and artistic people.
We strongly feel the need to employ game design aspects to applications. Especially for business solutions.
Using game design techniques to develop interfaces is our core premise to building better applications.
It makes them more intuitive and engaging for the users.

Experience has shown, that the interfaces of applications are almost always treated as unimportant.
Our main impulsion is to create apps where the interface has gotten at least as much attention as the backend functionality.

Our Network

We proudly belong to a network of well established software developers.
First and foremost, the partnership with consenss GmbH gives our customers the experience and resources for well implemented backend solutions.
Their expertise in database application development grants our customers a great level of knowledge and security.

Furthermore, our loose connection with third party developers and content creators gives us great flexibility for all kind of requirements our customers may have.